Foreign Companies Seeking to Establish United States Subsidiaries and/or the Purchase of Existing Businesses inside the United States by Foreign Companies

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Albert Buzzetti and Associates, LLC is an Invaluable Resource to Foreign Companies Seeking to Establish United States Subsidiaries and/or the Purchase of Existing Businesses inside the United States by Foreign Companies.

The United States is the largest consumer market in the world with a Gross Domestic Product of $18 Trillion USD and over 25% of global household consumption. The benefits of buying an existing business or establishing business operations in the United States have never been greater for foreign companies who either already sell to United States customers or are seeking to expand their businesses to target customers in the United States for the first time. If you are a foreign company that manufactures finished products or component parts outside of the United States and sells to customers inside the United States, you should be aware of the fact that the proposed "Border Adjustment Tax" and/or the popular and governmental movement towards "Made in America" may negatively affect your ability to compete in the United States unless you actually establish business operations in one form or another in the United States. Furthermore, the potential reduction in corporate tax rates at the federal level from 35% to as low as 15% being discussed in Washington may make it very advantageous to establish business operations inside the United States rather to sell in to the United States from foreign countries.

At the Law Firm of Albert Buzzetti and Associates, LLC, we have a wealth of experience in assisting foreign companies in establishing business operations in the United States (whether it be by way of a newly formed subsidiary or via mergers and acquisitions) and conducting business here once established. The Law Firm will guide you every step of the way with an emphasis on making it easy for you to buy an existing business and/or to establish a subsidiary in the United States and become fully operational. We understand the complexities of navigating the establishment of a business in a foreign land with rules, regulations and business customs and practices that can not be entirely familiar to you without having conducted business in the United States for many years. We strive to be are source to your company and no question or task is too big or small. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

1. Representation in connection with mergers and acquisitions of existing businesses;

2. Advice regarding the form of entity to use for conducting business in the United States, the actual formation of your us based company and preparation of organizational documents governing the decision making process within the Company;

3. Coordination with immigration counsel to facilitate the processing and receipt of all necessary work visas for foreign based employees of the foreign company seeking to relocate to the United States (either permanently or for a limited time period) for purposes of facilitating the conduct of business operations in the United States. L1-A Visas are commonly obtained for key employees of the parent company seeking to relocate to establish business operations in the U.S.;

4. Employment agreements for key employees consistent with US Law which include covenants not to compete, non solicitation clauses and confidentiality clauses;

5. Review and negotiation of lease agreements for company facilities and acquisition agreements for the purchase of real property;

6. Practical advice on to comply with employment tax withholding requirements in a cost effective manner without burdening your personnel with unnecessary time and expense;

7. Recommendations on the availability of insurance and the types of insurance customarily obtained for your business in the United States.

8. Referrals to accountants and other specialized professionals that can assist you with your ongoing business in the United States depending on the particular needs of your business; and

9. Assistance in establishing banking relationships and in determining whether and to what extent loans and/or government grants and/or assistance is available.

If you are considering buying a business in the United States or establishing a United States Subsidiary or you are already here but do not have who is making it easy for you to grow your business, please feel free to contact Albert Buzzetti at 212-564-9009 or via email @ [email protected]