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Amputations and disfigurement can result in serious disability and a loss in quality of life. Someone who hasn't experienced the loss of a finger, hand, arm, or leg can never truly understand the effect it has. Loss of a digit or limb may prevent a person from enjoying sports, other recreational activities, and even simple daily activities. Scarring and disfigurement can destroy a person's self-esteem and result in physical limitations as well as psychological damage.

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At the law office of Albert Buzzetti & Associates, our personal injury attorneys take into account the full financial, physical, and emotional impact of amputations and disfigurement. From our offices in Englewood Cliffs and New York City, we pursue full and fair compensation for clients throughout New York and New Jersey who have lost a limb or been disfigured as a result of someone else's carelessness. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

The Full Impact of Amputation or Disfigurement

Most insurance companies focus on what they consider to be strictly financial losses - medical costs and lost wages - as opposed to more intangible losses such as a decreased quality of life. As a result, insurers don't always take into consideration the pain and suffering associated with amputations and disfigurement resulting from a construction injury. While we take into consideration medical treatment, physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, and lost wages, we also look at how you, your spouse, and your children are affected as well.

Our lawyers work with medical experts and psychologists in evaluating the scope and impact of your injuries. We document and record the effects of serious and catastrophic injuries, using photographs, day-in-the-life videos, medical records, expert testimony and other evidence. We also work closely with medical economists and life care planners in determining the actual financial impact of your condition, both now and in the years ahead.

When Negligence Results in Amputations and Disfigurement

The law office of Albert Buzzetti & Associates represents clients suffering from amputations and disfigurement due to:

Liability and Who's to Blame for Limb Loss and Disfigurement

Liability for personal injuries can sometimes be counter-intuitive. As a result, people who have grounds for a civil suit don't always step forward because they mistakenly believe they are to blame for their own injuries. In general, however, liability is a function of the "foreseeability of an occurrence." Even if your injuries were caused in part by risks you took, an employer, property owner, or business that should have seen the potential for such an accident and did nothing to prevent it may still be held liable.

For example, an employee working near moving machine parts who fails to cut his or her hair short or wears loose-fitting clothes, can still sue an employer for failing to install proper safety measures that would have prevented exposure to moving machine parts. As such, whether a person believes he or she is at fault is, in many instances, irrelevant to the legal issues of liability.

In order to determine if you have grounds for filing a lawsuit in connection with your amputation or disfigurement, contact one of our attorneys for a free case evaluation. We can determine whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit and explain how we can help you hold those responsible financially liable for your injuries.

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