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Brain Damage • Acquired Brain Injury • Head Injury due to a Slip and Fall Accident or Construction Accident

Brain injuries caused by traumatic blows, prescription errors, birth injury, car accidents, construction accidents, or assault typically result in numerous expenses and ongoing disability. The law office of Albert Buzzetti & Associates represents victims of serious brain and head injuries that lead to disability, expensive medical costs, and diminished quality of life. Working with experienced medical economists and life care planners, our office accurately quantifies the costs are clients face both now and in the future.

Before negotiating or settling with an insurance company after you have suffered a head injury in a slip and fall accident or a construction accident in New York or New Jersey, contact the law offices of Albert Buzzetti & Associates .

Infant Brain Injury • Motor Function Loss • Memory Loss

We offer free initial consultations to victims of infant brain injury caused by trauma before or during birthing, as well as victims of acquired brain injury caused by vehicle accidents or falling debris at a workplace. We understand the overwhelming challenges that you and your family face because of your lost ability to earn wages, your memory loss or motor function loss, or your loss of sight, speech, or hearing after a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Exposure to Heavy Metals and Neuropathy

Exposure to various heavy metals can lead to several brain and neurological disorders. People exposed to mercury, lead, or arsenic as a result of an earlier job or contaminated building may experience elevated levels of heavy metals in their blood. This can lead to memory loss, cognitive impairment, and neuropathy. Our office has the resources needed to investigate these kinds of cases and establish liability on the part of property owners and manufacturers who knowingly violated the law or failed to conduct a proper environmental clean-up of their property.

Advocacy on Behalf of Head Injury Patients and Families

As experienced New York and New Jersey traumatic brain injury lawyers, we advocate passionately on behalf of head injury patients and their families. If you were thrown from a car or suffered trauma to the head as a passerby near a construction site, we will work to investigate the accident and ensure that you receive maximum compensation from all available resources. We are experienced trial lawyers who are ready to take your case to court if necessary.

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