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Has a family member died a wrongful death because of a fire? Are you suffering the painful aftermath of a fuel-fed fire caused by an auto accident? The burn victim lawyers at Albert Buzzetti & Associates know how to investigate the circumstances and determine what compensation is available to your family in this terrible tragedy.

Was a loved one severely burned in a fire? With many years of experience helping personal injury victims, the burn injury lawyers at Albert Buzzetti & Associates know how to help burn victims recover the compensation they need for their extensive recovery.

Was your business damaged or destroyed by fire? In too many cases, lax attention to fire retardation requirements, poor electrical wiring, and other safety concerns can lead to a fire that destroys the facilities and property of business tenants. We are experienced New York and New Jersey burn injury lawyers dedicated to helping burn victims and their families to recover maximum compensation from all available sources.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your burn injury and fire loss, this New York and New Jersey law firm offers compassion as well as the resources and skills to investigate the cause and origin of the fire and determine the long-term prognosis of recovering burn injury victims.

Contact our New York and New Jersey burn injury lawyers to learn how we can help as you cope with pain, suffering, and financial losses of many kinds after a tragic fire.

New Jersey and New York Burn Victim Attorneys

When you suffer a fire loss, you need an attorney who is are thoroughly experienced in investigating fires and in obtaining fair and just compensation for people suffering burn injuries. Our fire loss lawyers at Albert Buzzetti & Associates will immediately go to work on your case. We will work with experts, sorting through all the available evidence. If the cause isn't arson, we will look at other possible causes.

  • Was the electrical wiring substandard? Who was the contractor?
  • Were fire retardation materials adequate for the building? Did they meet code?
  • Was the property owner negligent about taking appropriate fire prevention and safety measures?
  • Was another occupant (tenant) of the building responsible for the fire?
  • In the case of an auto accident, did another motorist rear end your car, resulting in a fuel tank fire? (And was the auto manufacturer to blame, as well?)
  • Did the fire begin outside the premises? How did it start?
  • What medical expenses will be involved in restoring the burn victim to health?
  • What are the financial damages (lost wages, medical bills, funeral expenses, family pain and suffering) involved in the burn victim's wrongful death?
  • What insurance carriers are involved in the fire loss coverage?
  • Was negligence involved? Criminal intent, in the case of arson?

Using expert investigators and witnesses (forensic electricians, experienced fire investigators, forensic accountants, economic business loss experts), a fire loss lawyer from Albert Buzzetti & Associates will find the answers. We will represent you aggressively in obtaining the compensation you deserve. If that requires a lawsuit, you will have the experienced trial lawyer team at Albert Buzzetti & Associates on your side, protecting your rights and interests related to your electric shock injury or your deceased family member's smoke inhalation death.

Contact. Fire evidence is often cleaned up quickly. The more evidence we can gather soon after the fire, the faster we can reach the truth concerning the cause and origin of the fire.

The law firm of Albert Buzzetti & Associates represents burn victims and the families of burn injury victims. Our law firm serves personal injury clients in New Jersey and New York.