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What should hotels use to keep guests safe from bedbugs?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Bedbugs

Most people in New Jersey expect their hotel rooms to be kept clean and sanitary. Unfortunately, sometimes a person goes to sleep in a hotel room peacefully, but then wakes up covered in itchy, red bumps. These are bedbug bites, and hotels are responsible for taking measures to ensure that their premises are not infested with these insects.

First, hotels should isolate used sheets from new, clean ones. Housekeepers should inspect beds and box springs for signs of bed bugs. They need to be trained in capturing a bedbug if they find one or there must be protocol for calling a supervisor in such situations.

If a bedbug is found in a hotel room, that room should not be rented out to guests until the problem is fixed. It may be necessary to have a professional inspect and treat the room with insecticide, as well as heat to cold vacuuming. It may even be necessary to utilize a canine detection service to inspect for bedbugs throughout the hotel.

If a person has been bitten by a bedbug, they may experience more than just some itchy bumps. Through scratching, the bites can become infected. Moreover, a severe bedbug attack can cause a person to experience significant emotional distress. They may have problems sleeping, which only exasperates the physical and mental health issues caused by the bedbug bites.

Therefore, those who have suffered a bedbug attack at a hotel will want to determine whether the hotel was kept in a sanitary condition free of bedbugs and whether the hotel took appropriate action if a bedbug was found on its premises. If the hotel did not fulfill these duties, they may be liable for the damages the bedbug bite victim suffered.


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