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You may not have to foot the bill for bedbug bites

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

Bedbugs are downright gross. Even though you may not be able to see these tiny critters, they can cause some painful sores. Even worse, you may carry insects home with you after staying at a hotel or private rental property. If you have suffered an injury or financial loss from bedbugs, you may be able to receive compensation

In New Jersey, landlords, hotel operators and store managers have a duty to provide safe conditions. When it comes to bedbugs, these individuals must work to prevent a bedbug infestation. If one occurs, they must act diligently to address the problem. If you have had a run-in with bedbugs at a rental property, store or hotel, you may not have to foot the bill for your damages. 

Identify your exposure 

Because bedbugs are small, it may be difficult to determine where you encountered them. Still, you cannot hold a hotelier, landlord or store owner responsible until you identify the source of your exposure. Therefore, once you realize you have bites, you must think about the places you have visited. 

Document your injuries 

Bedbugs are not just a minor annoyance. On the contrary, these critters have the potential to cause significant harm. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should seek medical treatment immediately: 

  •         Red spots with a dark-colored center
  •         Itchiness
  •         Welts
  •         Allergic reaction 

Call an exterminator

Your home should be a safe and comfortable space. Unfortunately, after a trip, you may unintentionally bring bedbugs home with you. If you do, you must realize these critters can spread quickly. Accordingly, if you notice bedbug bites, you can probably assume you have an infestation at your home. Rather than wondering, ask an exterminator to test your house. 

Sometimes, small creatures cause serious injuries and costly damages. If you have bedbug bites, you may face a long road to recovery. Once you understand how these critters affect your health and overall wellbeing, you can work to receive compensation for your injuries. 


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