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Mass Transit Accidents Archives

New Jersey bus accident injuries multiple passengers

Commuters and travelers use public transportation as a convenient method to get them to their destination without having to drive themselves. Since the vehicles are responsible for getting their passengers when they need to go safely, they must be careful in their action and the maintenance of the vehicle to prevent unnecessarily injuring any passengers.

New York ferry accident causes injuries to passengers and crew

The use of mass transit vehicles provides commuters and travelers with convenient travel without having to transport themselves. However, this convenience means that they are placing their safety in the hands of others. Mass transit vehicles must therefore do all that they can to protect their passengers from injury where possible.


Most people will travel using a form of mass transit at some point. These methods of travel include airplanes, trains and buses, among many others. Although this type of travel may provide convenience, passengers are also placing their safety in the hands of others. For this reason, it is important that mass transit companies provide the utmost safety to their passengers and others with whom they may come into contact.


Buses, cabs and planes are convenient forms of transport for commuters and travelers. However, using those forms requires placing safety in the hands of the mass transit company and relying on them to prevent any unsafe conditions that may lead to a bus injury, or other type of injury. A failure to do so can expose a transport company to considerable liability for such injuries.

Landing gear on airplane collapses on New York runway

Busses, subways, trains and airplanes are convenient forms of mass transit that can get commuters and travelers to their destinations more quickly and easily than other forms of transportation. These common carriers must exercise an increased standard of care in their actions to ensure the safety of their passengers where possible.

Civil action may still be option in deadly New York bus accident

Passengers on mass-transit vehicles understand there are risks involved in taking these modes of transportation. Yet people also have a right to assume that the vehicles will be operated cautiously and safely. If they fail to do so, and a bus injury or other type of mass transit injury occurs, more than one party could be held liable for any damages that result.

Public Transportation Does not Ensure Safety

For many people in Bergen County, the use of public transportation is common. Buses, subways and trains are convenient - and often less expensive - ways for people to commute to work or run their daily errands. However, riding a bus does not necessarily reduce or extinguish a person's potential of being injured in a traffic accident.

New Jersey Woman Killed After Being Hit by Commuter Train

Last week, a woman was struck and killed by a New Jersey Transit train that was heading south towards Long Branch. The accident occurred just east of the Hazlet train station. Authorities said the woman was trespassing on the tracks at the time of the incident. The official cause of death is still undetermined, and an investigation into the accident is still in progress. The train was slowing down to stop at the Hazlet station when it struck the woman. A spokesman for NJ Transit stated that he did not know the exact speed the train was moving at when it struck the woman.

Protest Planned After Student Killed by NJ Transit Bus

Last month, a New Jersey college student was killed after being run over by a NJ Transit bus in Bloomfield Township. Now, his family and friends are planning a protest on the one-month anniversary of the young man's death. They claim that the transit accident was caused by the bus driver's negligence and say that neither the government nor NJ Transit are doing enough to address the situation.

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