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Brain injury after eye surgery yields $3.2M settlement

When a person makes the decision, with a medical professional, to go under for surgery there is always a risk. However, a medical provider, doctor and other medical professionals have the responsibility of educating a person about particular risks they could face when entering into surgery. Failure to do so can result in patient injury and the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit.

USPS settles with family for $4.9 million

Crosswalks can be dangerous hazards, both for pedestrians and drivers, especially in urban areas such as Elizabeth, New Jersey. In 2015, a grandmother was attempting to cross a street in Elizabeth while carrying her two-year-old granddaughter and four-year-old grandson. The three stepped in front of a United States Postal Service truck with tragic consequences.

Causes of TBIs

A traumatic brain injury is a serious event that could significantly affect a person's health and well-being. Even after the initial injury, a person could suffer complications, like seizures, damaged blood vessels, fluid buildup in the brain, infections, vertigo and headaches. Therefore, it is important for people in New Jersey to recognize situations where they may suffer a TBI, as well as understand their legal options.

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death, study says

When a person in New Jersey is seriously ill or injured, they put their full trust in the medical professionals caring for them. After all, doctors, surgeons, nurses and pharmacists go through years of schooling to obtain licenses to practice in their chosen profession. Moreover, they have the specialized skills and knowledge about a person's illness or injury that the average person does not have. However, medical mistakes are still made all too often, sometimes with deadly results.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

"Brain Injury - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone," is the theme of this year's Brain Injury Awareness Month. Through increased awareness of the seriousness of traumatic brain injuries, the Brain Injury Association hopes to prevent at least some of the 52,000 fatalities and 275,000 hospitalizations that occur every year due to brain injury.

Pregnant Women Face Serious Risks After Car Accidents

While many precautions are taken to protect the life of a growing fetus, such as regular doctors visits and abstaining from harmful activities, women face serious risks by driving a car while pregnant. That is because if a car accident occurs, the pregnant woman and the fetus may face serious injuries, even if the crash was minor.

New Jersey Supreme Court to Hear Case on Liability Under Dram Shop Act

A majority of U.S. states, New Jersey included, have "dram shop" laws on their books. These laws create civil liability for establishments that sell alcohol to intoxicated persons who later cause injuries as a result of their intoxication.

Any Amount of Alcohol is Too Much to Drive Safely

It's certainly possible that Wilbur Bussey, Jr. wasn't legally drunk when he drove his vehicle into oncoming traffic in Southern New Jersey. Whether he did or did not meet the legal definition of intoxication, there's no doubt that after drinking, he drove and killed Richard Bonanno, 59, and seriously injured Jason Merighi, 21.

Drinking, Driving and Consequences

Police cars, ambulances and fire trucks all surrounded the gruesome scene: a head-on car crash. People were trapped inside both cars, screaming for help, while one young man wriggled free and yelled out to his friends asking them why they let him drive drunk. The accident scene was really a mock-up on a New Jersey high school football field, staged as part of an annual drunk-driving simulation viewed by seniors preparing for their prom.

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