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Truck jackknifes and strikes two vehicles in New Jersey

Tractor-trailers are relatively large and heavy compared to other motor vehicles on the roadway. Because of this, they can inflict significant damage and injury when involved in an accident. It is therefore imperative that truck drivers are extremely careful in their actions to avoid creating unnecessarily dangerous conditions.

New Jersey driver killed after striking back of semi-truck

Tractor-trailers are nearly 30 times heavier than most passenger cars. Because of this enormous size discrepancy, the injuries sustained by drivers and passengers in cars in truck accidents are often more severe than in other accidents. That is why truck drivers must be especially careful in their actions to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

New Jersey box truck driver loses leg in collision

Commercial trucks present unique dangers on the road not found in other vehicles. Their large size can lead to more severe injuries in accidents than other vehicles may cause. This heightened risk of serious injury can expose truck drivers and their employers to significant liability if they are found to have been negligent in causing an accident.

Truck strikes car in New York City, launching it onto sidewalk

The enormous size of commercial trucks in comparison to other motor vehicles creates a heightened risk of serious injury when they are involved in an accident. It is important for truck drivers and other drivers to be careful and attentive in their actions to prevent accidents when possible. A failure to do so can result in significant damages to those involved.

Semi-truck collides with dump truck on New Jersey Turnpike

Tractor-trailers can cause severe injuries when involved in accidents due to their massive size. Due to this potential, it is important that operators of commercial trucks apply appropriate care in their actions to avoid creating unduly dangerous situations for other drivers and themselves.

FedEx truck pins car on guardrail, leaks fuel into New York pond

Commercial trucks present unique circumstances on the road not encountered with other vehicles. Their enormous size relative to other vehicles creates an increased risk of serious injuries to those involved in truck accidents. Additionally, trucks sometimes carry or contain hazardous materials that are exposed to the environment in a collision.


Trucks are larger in size and weight than standard vehicles. For this reason, they often cause more serious injuries that other vehicles when they are involved in accidents. Due to this increased risk of injury, it is even more important that drivers of trucks take all precautions to use care in their actions. Improperly trained drivers and driver fatigue can lead to unnecessarily dangerous situations and cause truck accidents.

New Jersey truck sends SUV over wall, onto highway below

Tractor-trailers are massive relative to other vehicles on the road, as a fully loaded truck can weigh nearly 30 times as much as a car. This discrepancy can lead to catastrophic injuries for victims involved in accidents with trucks as they often get the worst of such collisions. It is therefore important for truck drivers to use a heightened level of care in their actions to prevent such accidents where possible.

Truck collides with stopped vehicle, killing driver

The large size of commercial trucks, relative to other vehicles, creates a unique and heightened danger not present with other vehicles. Accidents involving large trucks can cause more severe injuries than accidents involving only motor vehicles and many times can lead to death. Additionally, the possible presence of flammable materials being transported as cargo may create the danger of fires and burn injuries for those involved.

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