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July 2010 Archives

Any Amount of Alcohol is Too Much to Drive Safely

It's certainly possible that Wilbur Bussey, Jr. wasn't legally drunk when he drove his vehicle into oncoming traffic in Southern New Jersey. Whether he did or did not meet the legal definition of intoxication, there's no doubt that after drinking, he drove and killed Richard Bonanno, 59, and seriously injured Jason Merighi, 21.

Drinking, Driving and Consequences

Police cars, ambulances and fire trucks all surrounded the gruesome scene: a head-on car crash. People were trapped inside both cars, screaming for help, while one young man wriggled free and yelled out to his friends asking them why they let him drive drunk. The accident scene was really a mock-up on a New Jersey high school football field, staged as part of an annual drunk-driving simulation viewed by seniors preparing for their prom.

Backlash Against Kyleigh's Law in New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers are coming under criticism in the wake of the recently enacted Kyleigh's Law -- which provides driving restrictions targeted toward young people. The law, named after 16-year-old Kyleigh D'Alessio, who was killed in a 2006 motor vehicle accident in which another teenager was behind the wheel, is intended to enforce safety measures on teen drivers to make the streets safer. However, many parents are worried that the law may end up having the opposite effect.

Local Pit Bull Ordinance Leaves Owners Foaming at the Mouth

Dangerous dog laws already exist in New Jersey, but a new ordinance requiring muzzles and stricter licensing laws for pit bulls has been presented in Garfield. Should this ordinance pass, owners of pit bulls will have to keep their dogs leashed and muzzled when out in public, and they will have to purchase $50,000 in liability insurance or bond to cover potential damages and injuries. The ordinance will cover pure bred pit bulls as well as mixed-breed dogs that have predominant pit bull characteristics.

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