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7 children and 1 adult injured in New Jersey school bus accident

Buses, whether touring, commercial or school buses, are responsible for the safety of each of their passengers. In order to ensure this safety as much as possible, operators of buses must apply a high level of care in all of their actions. Any activities that may be deemed negligent or intentionally improper can expose not only the driver, but also many other defendants to significant liability for any bus injuries that result.

New Jersey driver involved in car accident with pedestrian

Pedestrians constantly enter and use roadways. Whether they are crossing streets at intersections or walking on sidewalks or along roadways, drivers must always be focused and cognizant of their presence. A failure to do so may create a dangerous situation for a pedestrian. Due to their lack of protection or safety devices, they are likely to suffer serious injuries as a result.

Two New York pedestrians suffer head injuries after car accident

Pedestrians are not afforded the same safety precautions and devices as those in vehicles and trucks are on the roadways. They are therefore more exposed and more vulnerable to serious injury and traumatic brain injury when involved in accidents with motor vehicles. Drivers must use an appropriate level of care under the circumstances to prevent creating a dangerous condition when in the presence of pedestrians. A failure to do so may lead to significant liability for a driver.

New Jersey truck sends SUV over wall, onto highway below

Tractor-trailers are massive relative to other vehicles on the road, as a fully loaded truck can weigh nearly 30 times as much as a car. This discrepancy can lead to catastrophic injuries for victims involved in accidents with trucks as they often get the worst of such collisions. It is therefore important for truck drivers to use a heightened level of care in their actions to prevent such accidents where possible.

New Jersey bus hits three vehicles, sends four to hospital On behalf of Albe

Public transportation plays an important role in urban life. It gives those without transportation of their own an opportunity to travel to work, school or to visit friends and family. Yet, the sheer size of public transportation, whether a bus, train or subway, makes them dangerous when not operated properly. A mass transit accident can leave people seriously injured or dead, destroying families and communities.

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