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New Jersey bus hits three vehicles, sends four to hospital On behalf of Albe

On Behalf of | May 10, 2013 | Car Accidents

Public transportation plays an important role in urban life. It gives those without transportation of their own an opportunity to travel to work, school or to visit friends and family. Yet, the sheer size of public transportation, whether a bus, train or subway, makes them dangerous when not operated properly. A mass transit accident can leave people seriously injured or dead, destroying families and communities.

One of these accidents occurred recently in Jersey City. There, a bus slammed into three cars, leaving four people hospitalized. Though few details about the accident are available at this time, several questions must be answered to determine who caused the accident. For example, it must be determined whether the bus driver was impaired at the time of the accident, was speeding, or failed to stop at a stoplight. If the driver committed any of these acts, then he may be found negligent.

Accidents like this can leave a victim with serious injuries that may be difficult to recover from physically and emotionally. In addition, medical, rehabilitation and therapy bills can pile-up, further inhibiting the victim’s recovery. Luckily, in the case mentioned above, a lawsuit against the state transportation agency and the driver may help solve these financial issues.

If it can be proven the driver of the bus was negligent, then the victim may be able to obtain compensation. These awards can go a long way to cover medical expenses derived from the accident, future rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This way, the victim can focus on obtaining quality care and reaching the fullest recovery possible.

The state has an obligation to hire safe drivers and monitor their on-the-job performance. When a state agency fails to protect other motorists by employing a dangerous driver, it should be held accountable. A lawsuit is one way to punish these agencies so that future motorists will be safer on the road.


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