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7 children and 1 adult injured in New Jersey school bus accident

On Behalf of | May 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

Buses, whether touring, commercial or school buses, are responsible for the safety of each of their passengers. In order to ensure this safety as much as possible, operators of buses must apply a high level of care in all of their actions. Any activities that may be deemed negligent or intentionally improper can expose not only the driver, but also many other defendants to significant liability for any bus injuries that result.

An accident recently occurred in New Jersey involving a school bus and a car. The bus was taking students to an elementary school when the collision occurred. There were 15 students on the bus, seven of whom were injured in the accident. All of their injuries were considered minor. The driver of the car was also injured in the accident. His condition is considered to be serious. The driver of the bus works for a company that contracts with the elementary school to transport students. The bus was equipped with seat belts, but it is unclear how many of the students were actually using them. The bus entered the road from another road that has a stop sign, but authorities are still investigating the accident at this time.

Buses, including school buses, are considered to be common carriers in the eyes of the law. A common carrier is a business that transports people or products to various locations in exchange for money. Operators of common carrier vehicles must apply an extremely high degree of care to their actions to ensure the safety of those being transported where possible. If an operator is negligent, there may be many possible defendants liable for a victim’s injuries. One of these defendants is the bus company that owns a bus. A bus company is required to provide safe buses, hire only properly licensed drivers and meet the needs of parties with whom they contract.

Any person injured in an accident involving a bus may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. They should be aware of this possible compensation and from whom they may collect.


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