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Red Stamp and One-Year Wait to Stop NJ Teen Driver Car Accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2012 | Car Accidents

Thirty-two drivers under 21 were killed in New Jersey car accidents last year. In an attempt to further protect teen drivers from themselves as well as protect others on the roads from the mistakes of novice drivers, the New Jersey legislature passed a bill requiring an additional six months with a learner’s permit before teens are able to get a driver’s license.

The bill also required a 90-minute class for parents so that they could more fully understand the restrictions on teen drivers. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used a pocket veto to refuse the additional restrictions on teen drivers. Many parents are grateful to not have any more hoops to jump through related to their children’s driving privileges.

Both changes would have been in addition to the New Jersey graduated driver’s licensing program already in place. While the existing curfew and passenger laws under the graduated licensing program are considered to be too much by some, others argue that as long as teens are dying on New Jersey roadways, there is room for improvement.

In addition to the graduated license, Kyleigh’s Law, was also passed in 2009. The law requires drivers under 21 with probationary license plates to display a red decal on the upper left corner of both the front and rear license plate.

The decals are supposed to make it easier for police to identify teen drivers who are out past curfew or who are using a cell phone while behind the wheel. But, the law has also met with its share of opposition. Some argue that the decals actually create targets out of teens, letting others know the age of a car’s driver.


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