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Bayonne Motorcycle Accident Leaves Cyclist in Critical Condition

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2012 | Car Accidents

Yes, he was wearing a helmet, as required by New Jersey law, when the motorcycle accident occurred. But that didn’t save the driver from sustaining severe head trauma after colliding with a left-turning minivan and being thrown from his bike. The motorcycle driver was thrown several feet down the road, his helmet and visor even farther and his bike tumbled over a guard rail.

The driver of the minivan reported that the motorcycle just came out of nowhere. She was travelling eastbound, making a left turn onto Avenue E when the New Jersey motorcycle accident occurred. The motorcyclist was in the southbound lane of Avenue E and crashed into the front passenger side of the minivan.

The motorcyclist is in critical condition. Investigators impounded by the cycle and the minivan for further investigation into the cause of the Bayonne motorcycle-car accident.

The New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety reports that about 2500 motorcycle accidents occur each year throughout the state. Almost 2000 people are injured in New Jersey motorcycle accidents each year and nearly 70 people are killed. The most common location of a New Jersey motorcycle crash? As in the Bayonne wreck, it is at an intersection.

Most drivers involved in a crash with a motorcycle report not seeing the motorcycle before the collision. Motorists are encouraged to keep an eye out for motorcycles and not follow them too closely. Sharing the road with motorcycles includes understanding that they are smaller, easier to maneuver and can appear quickly.

At the same time, motorcyclists are also encouraged to do more to make themselves visible to other drivers and to assume that other drivers don’t see them. Defensive driving skills, staying out of blind spots and wearing reflective or bright colored clothing may help prevent serious injuries or a fatal motorcycle accident. New Jersey also offers riding courses for both beginner and experienced motorcyclists.


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