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Should New York City Use Cameras to Catch Speeders?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2012 | Car Accidents

Three New York City politicians are sponsoring bills in the state legislature to install speed cameras on some of the city’s more dangerous roads. One bill calls for between 20 and 40 cameras to be installed, while the other focuses solely McGuinness Boulevard in North Brooklyn.

The sponsors hope the cameras will help reduce the number of New York City car accidents.

Speed cameras monitor drivers’ velocity and capture photos of vehicles that are driving over the speed limit. Officials use those photos to send tickets to the registered owners of the speeding vehicles.

In one bill, the proposed fines are $50 for going five to 10 mph over the 30-mph speed limit, $75 for going 10 to 30 mph over the 30-mph speed limit, and $150 for going over 30 mph faster than the 30-mph speed limit. A violation would not put points on a driver’s license.

Many people would like to see the cameras implemented, as they hope they will slow down traffic and encourage drivers to drive more carefully. In addition, the cameras will allow police to spend their time addressing more serious crimes

The cameras’ opponents say that it is only a way for the city to get more money from its residents.

Speeding is certainly a problem throughout New York City. Hopefully, if these cameras are installed, the fear of getting a ticket will cause drivers to slow down. Since speeding is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents, the cameras would likely reduce the rates of fatal and injury-causing car accidents in New York.


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