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New Jersey Woman Killed After Being Hit by Commuter Train

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2012 | Mass Transit Accidents

Last week, a woman was struck and killed by a New Jersey Transit train that was heading south towards Long Branch. The accident occurred just east of the Hazlet train station.

Authorities said the woman was trespassing on the tracks at the time of the incident. The official cause of death is still undetermined, and an investigation into the accident is still in progress. The train was slowing down to stop at the Hazlet station when it struck the woman. A spokesman for NJ Transit stated that he did not know the exact speed the train was moving at when it struck the woman.

As the accident is still under investigation, authorities would not say whether conductor negligence played a role in the crash. The train’s engineer told investigators that he saw the woman walk onto the tracks. He sounded the horn and put on the train’s emergency brakes, but was unable to stop before hitting the woman.

None of the 200 people on board the train suffered any injuries. They were transferred to a second train to continue their trip.

Preventing New Jersey Train Accidents

Passengers and drivers need to exercise situational awareness around trains and crossings at all times. Trains can be deceptive, looking like they’re moving slowly when they are actually moving at high speeds. They also have a great deal of inertia built up when moving, which makes it impossible for them to stop quickly.

Always be aware of where the train is, and obey all warnings to yield. It is better to wait than to risk an accident.


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