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Two killed in multi-car accident involving school bus

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2012 | Car Accidents

Bergen County drivers and passengers should be aware of the risk of serious injury, or even death, due to an accident caused by negligent or reckless motorists. Auto accident injuries can result in extensive medical bills for victims and their families, and can lead to severe financial and emotional distress. Victims of a motor vehicle accident should seek compensation for their damages.

This danger to Bergen County drivers and passengers is exemplified by a fatal multi-car accident that happened in Montezuma, New York last week. The driver of one of the cars crossed the centerline into the path of the school bus. The car hit the side of the bus and then collided with another car heading in the opposite direction. The driver of the car that crossed the centerline, as well as a passenger in the other car involved, were killed in the collision. Of the 15 passengers on the school bus, only one of the students suffered minor injuries.

In car accidents where a driver or passenger is killed, their families may be entitled to collect damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. Establishing fault in auto accidents is governed by the legal theory of negligence. Every driver operating a motor vehicle owes a duty to others on the roadway to use reasonable care, and failing to use reasonable care constitutes negligence. In the case above, the driver who crossed the centerline likely violated her duty of reasonable care, and the family of the passenger in the other car that was killed in the accident may be entitled to collect damages as a result of this failure to adhere to her duty.

Family members of crash victims face significant financial hardship due to the death of a loved one. Although no amount of money can fully compensate for the death, it is important that they receive any compensation to avoid unnecessarily adding to their distress.


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