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Truck driver strikes pedestrian while turning, leaves scene

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2013 | Car Accidents

Tractor-trailers pose unique dangers not present in other vehicles. Their extreme size and sometimes dangerous cargo increase the potential for serious injuries and even fatalities in accidents. Due to the potential for severe injuries in a truck accident, it is incumbent on truck drivers to use proper care in their operation to prevent accidents where possible.

A commercial truck driver has been arrested pursuant to a fatal hit and run accident in New York. The driver was making a right turn when he struck a female pedestrian. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital but died there from her injuries. The driver left the scene of the accident but was later apprehended by authorities. He faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

Commercial trucks present a heightened risk of serious injury due to their large size and potentially hazardous freight. Victims injured in accidents with commercial trucks may have a legal action based on the legal theory of negligence. Every operator of a motor vehicle, including a commercial truck, owes a duty to others on the roadway to use reasonable care in his or her actions. To bring a successful action, a victim must show that the truck driver breached this duty and that this breach caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

A unique danger posed by commercial trucks is turning accidents, due to their extended length. Truck drivers typically need to use two lanes, or an outside lane, when making a right turn to prevent going over a sidewalk or striking a parked car. While not a clear establishment of negligence, an improper right turn has been held by some courts to place the truck driver at fault.

The exceptional circumstances encountered by truck drivers and those around them create constant potential for accidents and serious injuries. These injuries can result in significant damages to victims and their families, and they must be aware of their rights to compensation and from whom they may recover.


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