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Good Samaritan pedestrian killed by semi-truck on highway

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Car Accidents

Pedestrians are found in many places such as sidewalks, streets and even highways. Although highways are suited for fast-moving vehicles, there are reasons why pedestrians may be present as well. If a vehicle strikes them, it is important to assess the reason they were present on the highway, as well as the actions of the driver.

A New Jersey woman was recently involved in a truck accident with two tractor-trailers. In the early morning hours, she struck a parked semi-truck, causing her car to spin around and overturn. Her vehicle collided with another parked semi-truck when it overturned, causing it to spin around again and stop with the bottom part of the vehicle facing oncoming traffic. One of the truck drivers then exited his vehicle to come to her assistance. He was struck by another truck while doing so. The woman in the original accident and the pedestrian attempting to help her were both killed at the scene. Authorities are investigating the cause of the original accident at this time.

Pedestrians, when on highways, are required to use care and protect themselves based on the circumstances. There are many reasons for a pedestrian to be on a highway including crossing, walking, moving vehicles and, as in this case, assisting others involved in a previous accident. Accidents involving pedestrians assisting others typically result from distracted drivers or bad lighting. The woman driving the car in the original accidents, if negligent, would be liable for them. One of the truck drivers then left his vehicle and became a pedestrian on the highway to assist her when her car overturned. If the driver of the truck is shown to have been negligent when he struck the assisting pedestrian, he may be liable in any resulting action.

Truck accidents typically result in more severe injuries than those involving other vehicles. This is especially true when they collide with pedestrians. Those involved should assess the circumstances leading to the accident to determine their responsibilities and possible rights to compensation.


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