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Fourteen injured in New Jersey transit bus collision

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Mass Transit Accidents

Mass transit is a relatively convenient method of travel for many New Jersey residents. But traveling on a bus or similar vehicle does not remove the danger of being injured in an accident.

A recent accident in Newark involving a van and a transit bus resulted in the death of one person and injuries to fourteen others. Authorities believe that the driver of the van may have suffered a medical emergency prior to the collision. The van was driving at the bus and the bus driver was hitting his horn trying to get the driver’s attention. The van and bus struck each other head-on, resulting in the death of the van driver. Fourteen passengers on the bus were injured in the collision, suffering non-life threatening injuries including cuts and chest injuries.

Businesses that transport members of the general public in exchange for money are called common carriers. Examples of common carriers are buses, airplanes and cabs, among many others. If a passenger on a common carrier is injured they may be entitled to compensation. Common carriers are required to exercise the highest possible degree of care in their actions, rather than the general negligence standard of reasonable care. If the carrier breaches this duty and causes a passenger’s injury, the carrier will be liable for the resulting damages.

Anyone injured on a common carrier may be able to receive compensation for their damages from the carrier or another driver depending on the circumstances of the accident. An experienced mass transit accident attorney a passenger who has suffered a bus injury, and advise them whether they have a good case.


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