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On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Mass Transit Accidents

Buses, cabs and planes are convenient forms of transport for commuters and travelers. However, using those forms requires placing safety in the hands of the mass transit company and relying on them to prevent any unsafe conditions that may lead to a bus injury, or other type of injury. A failure to do so can expose a transport company to considerable liability for such injuries.

A transit bus in New Jersey running from Ventnor to Atlantic City was recently involved in an accident with an SUV and another vehicle. One of the vehicles struck the other, causing that vehicle to collide with the bus. In total, 18 people were injured in the collision and taken to nearby hospitals. Three of those injured were in the car and had to be removed from the vehicle by emergency responders. They suffered the most severe injuries of all involved. Three others were in the SUV, while 12 bus passengers were injured as well.

Common carriers are businesses that convey people or items in exchange for money. Buses, airplanes and cabs are examples of common carriers, among many others. Since they are responsible for the safety of all of their passengers, they are required to apply the highest degree of care. If they fail to fulfill this duty, the failure causes an accident that injures a passenger and the passenger incurs damages as a result, the carrier may be considered negligent, and therefore liable for those damages. Failing to notify passengers of a dangerous condition they should have been aware of, or failing to meet required regulations for safety or operation may evidence a breach of the duty of the carrier.

Since common carriers often carry large numbers of passengers at any time, multiple passengers may incur injuries in the same accident. If a carrier is found to have been negligent in creating a dangerous condition or causing an accident that leads to injuries for many passengers, they may face significant liability for all of the damages suffered. Anyone injured while riding a form of mass transit should consult a personal injury attorney skilled in such matters to assist them with their case.


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