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Several parties may be at fault in an overloaded truck crash

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

If an overloaded 18-wheeler suddenly swerves out of its lane and into your car, is the truck driver the only party responsible for the crash?

A thorough investigation may turn up other parties who will share the burden of responsibility for any injuries you may suffer.

Explanation of the overload

Although trucking companies and their drivers must adhere to many state and federal regulations, the practice of overloading a truck still goes on. If there is too much cargo, the load can easily shift, and the imbalance makes controlling the vehicle difficult for the driver. In fact, overloading is among the main causes of truck-related crashes.

Payload problems

A sharp turn or sudden lane change is all it takes to cause cargo to shift, and the truck becomes susceptible to an accident, such as a rollover crash. Heavy loads increase braking distances considerably, which could be a frightening concern if, for example, a large truck is headed down a steep hill with an intersection and cross traffic at the bottom. Other dangerous issues arise if a payload is not properly secured. Items could fall off the truck and into traffic.

The importance of training

Trucking companies need to provide proper training for new drivers, including the correct method of loading cargo. A novice driver will find it difficult to handle a big rig in which the load is off balance and subject to shifting, a situation that could not only be dangerous for the driver but also for any motorists close to the truck.

Conducting an investigation

A personal injury attorney experienced with assisting victims of truck-car crashes will tell you that careful investigations are vitally important in finding the negligent parties. In addition to the driver, those who might be liable include the trucking company, the individual who loaded the truck, possibly an equipment manufacturer and the company in charge of truck maintenance, among others. In short, several parties may be responsible for providing the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained.


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