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Accident victims deserve compensation

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you are on your daily commute, running errands or taking a road trip, most drivers in New Jersey assume they will reach their destination safely. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Every year thousands of individuals suffer injuries or lose their lives in car crashes caused by another driver’s negligence.

When you are the victim of an auto accident, your primary concern may be regaining your health. However, doing so can lead to unmanageable medical expenses. Moreover, some people find their lives have been changed forever by a permanent disability. Combine this with the inability to work and the pain and suffering car accident victims endure, and it is easy to see why a car wreck can lead to financial disaster.

When people are in such a precarious financial state, they may jump on the first offer their insurance company provides them. However, what they must keep in mind is that insurance companies are ultimately looking out for their own bottom line, and their initial offer may not be enough to cover all the expenses. This is significant, especially given that some injuries are not immediately apparent but can lead to extensive future care.

Before speaking to an insurance company, victims of motor vehicle accidents may want to speak with an attorney. At Albert Buzzetti & Associates, we understand that our clients simply want to get back to their normal life. We work with our network of experts to identify all responsible parties. By doing so, we aim to fight for what our clients deserve. Our web page on motor vehicle accidents may be of use to those who want to learn more about how our firm helps accident victims.


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