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What are common slip-and-fall injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Personal Injury

Recently, you slipped and fell while shopping at a New Jersey-based business. You think you emerged without injury, but how sure do you feel? 

The Joint Chiropractic gives the rundown on prevalent harm suffered after taking a tumble. Keep an eye out for these injuries to determine whether you may have a personal injury case. 

Broken hips

Pay close attention to how your hips feel in the coming days and weeks, as you may have a hip break or fracture. Young age does not prevent you from suffering a severe hip injury, and you should receive immediate medical attention if you think you may have a broken hip. The injury may require surgery and an extensive recovery, making it essential that you receive proper compensation from the responsible party for your medical bills. 

Spinal and neck injuries

Falls may trigger multiple kinks, strains, sprains and pains in your neck and back. Specific slip-and-fall injuries to these areas of the body include slipped discs and bone fractures. Such harm requires professional medical attention, as left unattended, injuries to the back and neck may put you in so much agony that you miss work. Take action to preserve your ability to earn a living and protect your financial health. 

Head injury

Do you remember hitting your head when you fell? Maybe you experience headaches, nausea or other symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries. If so, have a physician examine you, as severe head injuries may have an equally severe impact on your overall health. 

Falls may result in delayed injury symptoms. Do not dismiss any pain or discomfort you experience. 


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