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Queens high-speed collision kills one, injures two others

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents

Most people in New York likely understand that car accidents are typically just that: accidents. There usually is no intent on the part of the responsible party to cause an accident (thus often prompting understanding from accident victims). Yet such understanding may be difficult to muster when blatant reckless or negligence occurs.

Those displaying this demonstrate a disregard for the safety of others. Ironically (and sadly) it is often others that experience the bulk of the tragedy that comes with a car accident (rather than themselves).

Rideshare driver killed in Queens

This face was on full display in a recent fatal collision in Queens. According to the New York Daily News, and speeding SUV struck another vehicle on Fresh Pond Road at high speed. The driver of the other vehicle was a rideshare service driver transporting his final passenger of the day before heading home. The driver of the SUV and the rideshare passengers sustained only minor injuries in the collision, while the rideshare driver died.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the driver of the SUV was not only impaired at the time but also driving without a license.

Accountability for all who contribute to recklessness

Few people anticipate encountering such an irresponsible driver (like the one described above) on the road; even fewer likely believe that another would entrust such a driver with a vehicle. In cases similar to the one described here, liability is often shared. The driver should of course answer for their reckless actions (both civilly and criminally, when warranted). The person who entrusted them with their car may also share in the blame, for had they done their due diligence, they likely would have known of the driver’s tendencies.


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