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What makes bedsores a cause for concern?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Blog, Personal Injury

Elderly people often have a limited ability to move around. This is especially true for seniors in nursing homes. You may have a parent who resides in a home. If so, you should be on the lookout for health issues that may develop because of your loved one’s lack of mobility, such as bedsores.

Nursing home residents are at special risk for developing bedsores. They require proper care to prevent these injuries from developing. If you discover your parent has a bedsore, it could be a sign that the nursing home is neglecting your parent.

Why bedsores develop

Johns Hopkins Medicine explains there are a few reasons why someone may develop a bedsore. One way is when continual pressure pushes against a part of the body. This can cause a sore on the hips, elbows, ankles, tailbone, or somewhere on the back. If your parent has a bedsore, it may be because he or she has reclined in bed or in a chair for too long.

Another problem is that seniors have more delicate skin than younger persons, so it is easier to cause a skin injury. Your parent may move in an awkward position that rubs the skin in a harsh manner and creates a sore.

Bedsores as a sign of neglect

A bedsore can indicate possible neglect or abuse. Your parent might stay in bed too much. The nursing home staff might not move your parent in and out of bed enough. Care workers might handle your parent too roughly, causing sores or other injuries.

A bedsore is not a minor issue. Since a sore is a breakage in the skin, it can expose your loved one to a dangerous infection. Seniors with bedsores can sometimes suffer steep declines in health and even death. So you want to know if a nursing home poses a danger to your parent’s health and if you should take steps to safeguard your loved one.


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