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Common causes of trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents are unfortunately all too common on New Jersey’s many busy highways, often causing catastrophic injuries. Truckers face high risks on the roads, and many accidents are caused by the negligence of another driver.

The consequences of a trucking accident are often devastating. Even if a trucker manages to survive the accident, injuries are often severe, leading to high medical bills, insurance complications and loss of time on the road. In some cases, it may even end a trucker’s entire career.

Distracted driving and fatigue

There are several common causes of trucking accidents. Distracted driving is a problem among all motorists today, and the cause of many trucking accidents. The chance of distracted driving increases when a driver is fatigued since reaction times are often delayed.

Many truckers work long hours and must be on the road for lengthy periods of time to make their deadlines. Truckers may not always travel the same routes, which means extra care must be taken when on an unfamiliar road. This may cause other drivers to be frustrated and try to get around the truck, causing an accident.

If weather or traffic delays slow things down, truckers may be tempted to stay on the road to reach their destination in time, but that often only increases the chance of an accident. Weather may also cause other motorists to drive recklessly, increasing the chance of colliding with a truck or other vehicle.

Blind spots

The large size of trucks means that they have more blind spots than a regular sized vehicle. Truckers are usually aware of this and take extra care with checking for other vehicles, but if there are distracted drivers on the road, an accident may occur when a trucker turns or changes lanes.

Truckers who have been in an accident face many challenges. It is a good idea to talk with a personal injury attorney who can explain legal rights and make choices in a trucker’s best interest.



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