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Truck accident in New Jersey leaves motorcyclist dead

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

An accident in the western part of the state left a motorcyclist in his 30s dead. A commercial tractor-trailer was involved in this tragic accident. A medical helicopter flew the victim from the scene of the accident, but apparently he died a short time after this tragic commercial vehicle crash occurred.

According to the authorities who investigated, the commercial vehicle struck the motorcyclist from behind. However, the authorities did not explain why this happened. Since the motorcyclist died, it would not be surprising if authorities investigated further.

Nevertheless, this accident serves as an important reminder to all New Jersey motorists that they need to give motorcycles plenty of following distance, even more than they would to another car. For one, motorcyclists for a number of reasons tend to rely more on down shifting instead of braking to slow themselves. As a result, a motorcycle may slow down with no visible warning.

Recovering compensation after a truck accident can be complicated

Recovering compensation after a truck accident can be hard on a family. For one, injuries after a collision with a commercial truck are often severe or, as the case was here, even deadly. Furthermore, truckers and the companies that hire them, as well as their insurance companies, may choose to deny liability or offer a settlement far less than what a victim’s family truly needs.

It is also important to do a thorough investigation after a truck accident. Sometimes, it may take some detective work to show that a truck driver operated in violation of regulations or was too tired or too distracted to operate safely. Drivers and trucking companies rarely outright admit such negligence.

An investigation may also uncover additional businesses, or even government entities, which are legally responsible for a victim’s injuries. Victims of truck accidents, including grieving families, may have several legal options available to them for recovering full compensation from negligent truck operators.


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