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Updated motor vehicle accident statistics for 2023

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every year, millions of auto accidents occur. To be exact, over five million car accidents occur every year, according to Forbes. What does this number mean to you? It means that, eventually, you are probably going to be in a crash in Englewood, New Jersey, regardless of your safe or defensive driving practices.

Primary causes

There are two primary causes of motor vehicle accidents: drunk driving and speeding. Over 35% of fatal crashes occur because the driver is impaired. Almost 40 people die a day due to drunk and impaired driving. And, before you think it is just those who drank too much, over 23% of crashes involve drivers with a blood alcohol content of 0.01 percent or higher in the daytime. This could be a single glass of wine at lunch.

Nearly another third of fatal car accidents are caused by speeding drivers. That is another 30 plus deaths every day, or well over 11,000 fatalities a year.

Timing matters too

When you drive can impact your chances of being involved in a car crash. Apparently, nighttime is much more dangerous in Englewood, New Jersey, New York and throughout the country. From 6:00pm to midnight, over a third of fatal car accidents occur, and nearly half of those deadly crashes happen at the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).


And, if nights, weekends, drinking and speeding increase the likelihood of a deadly motor vehicle accident, you likely can guess that holidays also increase it as well. Independence Day is the deadliest day for motorists almost every year.

What we can learn

These statistics are not to scare our Englewood, New Jersey, or New York readers. We do not want our readers to lock themselves up after 6:00 or avoid fireworks on Independence Day. Instead, if you can avoid being on the roads during these times, avoid them. Just drive a bit more safely during these times, and remember, if you are injured, you can hold these negligent drivers responsible through a personal injury lawsuit.


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