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3 things to do if your insurance will not pay

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2021 | Business Litigation

An insurance policy is a contract. You make an agreement with an insurer that the company will cover you for different reasons, whether it be personal or property related.

If the insurer breaches that contract, you may not receive the money you are due. The insurance company can have myriad reasons for a denial, but you do not have to accept them.

1. If told no, ask why

Although you may receive a denial, do not take this as the final answer. Question the company about their reasoning behind the decision, then do your research to support your claim. Begin gathering evidence to appeal the decision.

2. Insist on a written explanation

In New York, insurance companies have 30 calendar days after receiving the claim to either pay or deny. If denying the claim, the company must notify the insured. Tell them you want an explanation in writing about why they rejected it.

3. Call and write

Make phone calls if you do not get the answers you want. Keep information about the calls, including names and titles of everyone you speak to. If the phone calls do not work, start writing. Include copies of all relevant documents about your claim. Send the letters by registered mail.

Read over your policy carefully to find if the insurance company had a legitimate reason to deny your claim. Your insurance company may refuse to work with you further to settle your case. You can take the insurer to court to get the settlement you deserve.


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