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Skilled Assistance With Denied Insurance Claims

Justice delayed is justice denied. Valid insurance claims are improperly denied, delayed and diverted every day, compelling you to fight through a complex system on your own — usually without success — or hire a lawyer who will take action and restore balance to the equation.

The threat of costly litigation against a skilled attorney in an experienced firm is often the only way to hold an insurance company accountable for its obligations. If you have had a legitimate business claim, homeowner’s claim or other insurance claim denied — or you are getting nowhere with an insurance company determined to protect profits at all costs and not people — turn to Albert Buzzetti & Associates. We represent clients in New York and New Jersey.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

An insurance policy is a contract. At Albert Buzzetti & Associates, we know contract law. Our lawyers also have a proven track record of success in the state and federal courts where insurance coverage and claim disputes are decided when negotiations fail. We file lawsuits for insurance bad faith, and we will vigorously represent you to make sure that you receive fair and just results in a timely manner.

We are well-equipped to handle many forms of insurance litigation, arising from circumstances such as:

  • Property damage claims and claims for lost profits arising from fires or other casualties
  • Theft claims
  • Homeowner or business losses due to storms, natural disasters, explosions and other catastrophic events that cause extensive property damage
  • An auto, homeowners, workers’ compensation or commercial general liability insurance company’s refusal to defend you in a lawsuit filed against you, often claiming you do not have coverage

Protecting Your Rights To Full Recovery

We recognize that your recovery on a valid insurance claim could determine your personal financial future or the ongoing viability of your business. We have the investigative resources to clear you of fault in an accident or allegations of fraud. Further, we know the many tactics insurers use to deny coverage and delay payment of your claim extremely well.

For advocacy you can trust in an insurance coverage dispute or claims dispute, we encourage you to consult our lawyers. We have multilingual staff and other support capabilities enabling us to help clients from all backgrounds. Call our firm today and speak with an experienced and qualified insurance lawyer. Call 201-816-3733 or 212-564-9009. Or you may fill out our online contact form and we will contact you. We can also answer any general litigation questions you have.