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Resolving Complex Partnership Disputes

When you have a fundamental conflict with a business partner, co-shareholder or someone else with control over money you invested, often the only way to resolve the matter is through strong legal action. At Albert Buzzetti & Associates, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you resolve complex partnership and shareholder disputes, whether they originate in New York or New Jersey.

Partnership and shareholder disputes arise for a wide range of reasons, but high stakes and strong emotions are usually key components. A partner, director or officer you once believed in may have violated your trust, diverted assets for his or her own use or falsely accused you of stealing or other wrongdoing. Whatever your circumstances, we can assist. We offer sound guidance and counsel in taking control of the situation and protecting your own vital interests.

A Reputation For Successfully Minimizing Conflict

Our lawyers will work hard to understand your business history and the complex ownership relationships involved in any business dispute, identifying the best strategy for resolution of:

  • A business dissolution or “business divorce” — often when partners can no longer agree on financial matters or operational issues
  • Potential liabilities and complications for you when you decide to end a business partnership
  • A dispute over real estate or other business assets
  • Allegations of breach of contract, fraud, undue influence, misappropriation of funds or breach of fiduciary duty
  • Your desire to compel a partner, corporate director or other party to fulfill promises or support a company mission you believe is essential to your financial interests

Focused Service You Can Depend On

The attorneys at Albert Buzzetti & Associates bring a wealth of experience and legal knowledge to partnership and shareholder disputes. Our work is informed by in-depth knowledge of contracts, business strategy, negotiations and trial litigation. As necessary, we bring in experienced forensic accountants with whom we have close working relationships to uncover fraud on the part of a shareholder or partner who is suspected of having his or her proverbial hand in the cookie jar.

We maintain offices in New York City and Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. We have multilingual staff and other support capabilities enabling us to help businesspeople and shareholders from all backgrounds.

Resolving a problem through mediation or litigation begins with defining your goals and evaluating the risks and benefits associated with different options. Please call or email us today to arrange an informative consultation focused on your partnership or shareholder dispute. Call our offices at 201-816-3733 or 212-564-9009.