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When Defective Products Cause Serious Harm

Any product in your home or your work that is for recreation or transportation must perform according to various state and federal guidelines for safe use. When these consumer products cause an injury, you have the legal right to seek compensation from manufacturers and retailers, even if the negligence was not willful.

The defective product attorneys at Albert Buzzetti & Associates, L.L.C., have helped countless New York and New Jersey families who have been harmed by:

We Protect The Rights Of Injured Families

We are experienced in the investigation and filing of large-scale personal injury claims against major insurance carriers. Our careful screening and investigation of your claim will determine your avenue of recovery, including claims under “strict liability” or breach of contract / warranty.

Unlike many personal injury law firms, which may abandon your claim when an immediate settlement is not available, we are not afraid to argue a case before a judge if it is the only way to secure maximum compensation for medical bills, lost wages and long-term care. We understand the importance of a timely result to provide for your family and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. We work closely with a team of investigators and legal strategists who can identify all liable parties, maximize your claim and ensure that your case is decided according to the facts and the law alone.

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