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Questions And Answers About Personal Injury

At Albert Buzzetti & Associates, we are proud to represent personal injury victims and their families across New Jersey and in New York City. With decades of combined experience, our lawyers are also well-equipped to answer your questions about personal injury law, your rights and your options after an accident. Following are a few common questions and answers:

How Much Is My Case Worth?

The value of your case depends on a wide array of factors, including the severity of your injuries, your age, your usual income, the amount of pain and suffering you endured and more. To give you an idea of what your particular case may be worth, we need to review the details. Feel free to contact us to set up a case evaluation as soon as possible.

Can I Really Afford An Attorney?

We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our attorneys get paid only after they recover compensation for clients. After we obtain a verdict or settlement for you, our fees are deducted from that amount. You pay nothing upfront. So the answer is yes, you certainly can afford a lawyer.

Will I Have To Go To Court And Stand In Front Of A Judge?

Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court, so the injured individuals never have to stand in front of a judge or jury. However, in the rare situations where we cannot obtain a fair settlement through negotiation, we are prepared to litigate.

Our goal in either scenario is to help you get the full amount of money you deserve for your injuries and other damages.

What Should I Say To The Other Side’s Insurance Company?

If the other party’s insurance company calls you, do not give them any information. Instead, let us talk to them on your behalf. No matter how innocent their questions seem, they will seek to use your answers against you. Remember, insurance companies are not on your side.

Get More Answers In A Free, Personalized Consultation

For more specific answers to your particular questions, don’t hesitate to set up a free initial consultation with us. Call Albert Buzzetti & Associates at 201-816-3733 (New Jersey) or 212-564-9009 (New York). You can also reach us by email.

With multilingual attorneys and staff always available, we can assist you in Spanish, Greek, Korean, Italian or Croatian.