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Strong Help After Fire-Related Injuries

Fires can create devastating losses in terms of physical injuries and even death to burn victims and their families. There are also severe property damage losses and loss of income in the case of burned business establishments. In some cases, locked fire exits, improperly marked fires escapes or malfunctioning smoke detectors play a role in burn injuries and fire-related fatalities.

At the law office of Albert Buzzetti & Associates, we hold negligent property owners, manufacturers and businesses financially liable for injuries and deaths that result from fires. If you have lost a family member or suffered serious injuries in a fire, contact the personal injury attorneys at our firm and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Helping Victims Of Fires

Our office has years of experience representing clients in regard to:

  • Burn victims: With lengthy, combined experience in personal injury cases, the attorneys and staff at Albert Buzzetti & Associates offer aggressive investigation and litigation services to burn victims and their families seeking compensation for personal injuries or wrongful death.
  • Fire property loss: The investigation and litigation skills used in helping burn victims are also used by our burn injury lawyers in establishing the causes and origins of fires that result in business and property losses.

In cases involving fire losses and burn injuries, our New Jersey lawyers work with experts to determine causes and origins of fires, amount of losses, negligent parties, and insurance coverage disputes. Our lawyers work quickly to conserve evidence and get investigations started. Depending on the cause of the fire or explosion, our investigation and litigation center on issues such as:

  • Arson evidence
  • Insurance coverage
  • Landlord negligence
  • Fire retardation materials
  • Negligent fire prevention
  • Electrical forensics
  • Photographic evidence
  • Economics expert damage assessment
  • Lack of smoke detectors, sprinklers or fire extinguishers

Fire losses need quick action by attorneys skilled in finding and proving negligence. The sooner the lawyers at Albert Buzzetti & Associates begin working on your case, the better the evidence will be in establishing cause and origin. We work to bring fair and just compensation to all our clients.

Reach Out To Us Today

If you have suffered a serious injury or property loss as the result of a negligent fire or explosion, contact the New York/New Jersey law offices of Albert Buzzetti & Associates immediately for a FREE consultation and review of your rights and options under the law. All fire loss cases are taken on contingency so there are no attorney fees paid until after we recover a damage settlement for your claim. Call 201-308-5313 (New Jersey) or 866-237-8202 (New York).