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A Focus On Commercial Leases

Commercial lease agreements determine the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant for many years and often for decades. If a commercial lease is not drafted with great care, it has the potential to cause significant problems.

Both landlords and tenants can suffer unnecessary losses by a lease that is not carefully worded or completely understood. Unfavorable terms and conditions, obscured by confusing legal jargon, can adversely affect the economic terms of a lease and cost a landlord or a tenant significant money.

Sharp Legal Counsel For Business Owners

The attorneys at Albert Buzzetti & Associates provide sound and helpful advice to landlords and tenants alike, including substantial landlords and large, midsize and small businesses that are renting commercial property. Our legal team will strive to help ensure that your rental investments are protected at all times. Our careful analysis can save you money, surprises and headaches down the line.

Trusted Legal Advice For Business Owners

Our highly trained and experienced commercial lawyers assist businesses with a range of commercial lease matters. For over two decades, we have helped clients:

  • Draft and review commercial lease agreements
  • Negotiate contract terms and conditions
  • Examine environmental provisions, assignment provisions, options to purchase, rights of first refusal, CPI provisions, insurance provisions and all other aspects of commercial leases
  • Avoid and resolve disputes

Our firm is adept at handling all aspects of commercial lease agreements, including subleases. We are familiar with lease provisions that can cause challenges for landlords and tenants, including insurance requirements, rent increases, construction issues and signage regulations.

Protect Your Rental Investment

To schedule a meeting to discuss your commercial lease agreement, contact us online or call us at 212-564-9009 or 201-816-3733. For your convenience, we have offices in New York City and Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. At our meeting, we will evaluate your specific circumstances. We will clearly communicate how we can help and, if necessary, recommend a practical course of action designed to maximize your contract terms.

Our attorneys and support staff speak multiple languages, enabling us to assist business clients from many backgrounds.