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Taking action when a defective product causes harm

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Personal Injury

New York and New Jersey residents rely upon consumer goods every day. Whether it is an appliance, motor vehicle or any other product, consumers are under the impression that it will work as it is intended.

While sometimes products do break do to misuse or routine wear and tear, others malfunction due to defects occurring in the design, manufacturing or marketing of the product. This could result in a consumer suffering serious injuries and even death due to a defect.

Products liability suit

A defect could be the cause of a malfunction, resulting in a dangerous product. Unfortunately, these dangerous products can still enter the stream of commerce and end up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers.

Products liability is the legal theory that allows injured consumers to recover damages after they have been injured due to a defective product. It provides that liability can attach at nearly any point in the stream of commerce, from the designers of a product to its manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Recovering damages

Harm caused by a dangerous or defective consumer good can look vastly different from one incident to the next. Whether one suffers due to contaminated food, a defective medical device, a malfunctioning air bag or faulty tools due to a design defect, a victim can seek compensation for the injuries, damages and losses suffered.

Attorneys with experience in products liability take the time to calculate all current and future losses due to a defective product, helping clients secure compensation for medical bills, lost wages, damages, long-term care, future medical care and other related damages


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