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Personal injuries and TBIs

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Personal Injury

About any injury you incur as a result of another person’s negligence qualifies as a personal injury. This includes auto accident injuries, slip-and-fall injuries, etc. And, one common type of injury that occurs in such incidents are traumatic brain injuries, although they are not as noticeable as broken bones, cuts and bruises.

Traumatic brain injuries

TBIs occur frequently in Englewood, New Jersey, and New York personal injury accidents because they can occur whenever you receive a violent blow to your body or head, if your body is jolted or if your head is pierced. These movements and piercings cause brain injuries, like bruises, bleeding, tearing, etc., which are not always visible.

Visible signs

The visible signs of a TBI include clear liquids draining from your ears or nose or any bleeding from your ears, nose or head. You may have a TBI if you had any violent jolt or impact to your body or head, even if you do not have any physical signs on your body. However, there may be other signs that may not be so obvious.

Invisible signs

Remember, your brain is your body’s control center, so the invisible signs are how you are able or not able to control your body. And, just because you may have mild symptoms does not mean that you necessarily have a mild TBI.

One of the most common and persistent invisible TBI symptoms is a headache that simple painkillers does not alleviate. The headache is often accompanied by nausea (vomiting), fatigue, dizziness (or other balance issues), sensory issues, etc. You could also have problems communicating, where you try to say one word, but another word comes out, blurred vision, ears ringing and odd smells and tastes.

Cognitive, mental and behavioral issues are also common invisible TBI signs. Disorientation immediately after the personal injury accident is common, but this can be persistent or come back days later. You could also feel dazed, confused or suddenly, have memory or concentration problems. These can also be coupled with mood swings, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Get help

The key takeaway here is that, if you are in an Englewood, New Jersey, or New York personal injury accident, you might have a TBI. If it was a severe accident, go to the emergency room. If not, still consider getting medical attention.


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