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Helping Victims Of Ladder Falls At Construction Sites

Construction site safety requires diligent attention to regulations, inspection of equipment, and awareness of potential hazards such as inclement weather. Job site vehicle accidents, crane accidents and ladder falls are examples of dangerous activities, which should be avoided through proper care and diligence of landowners, engineers, contractors and building supervisors.

If you have been injured in a fall from a ladder, scaffolding or roof at a construction site, you may be entitled to seek damages from third parties who are liable for negligence. Albert Buzzetti & Associates can help you maximize your recovery of money beyond workers’ compensation.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation after a ladder fall at a construction site. Our New York and New Jersey construction accident lawyers pursue maximum compensation for clients’ medical bills, lost wages, long-term care, and pain and suffering.

Workers’ Compensation And Third-Party Liability For Safety Violations

One of the responsible parties in a ladder fall is typically the construction worker’s employer. We handle workers’ compensation claims in a timely manner to protect our clients’ rights to full benefits after a construction accident involving ladders at construction work sites.

In addition, we work to determine whether other people or organizations are liable after a worker has suffered broken bones or paralysis as a result of mishaps such as ladder falls. If you or a loved one has fallen from a ladder at a construction site in New York or New Jersey, a knowledgeable construction law attorney should investigate. Did employers, supervisors, contractors, and others adhere to OSHA regulations with regard to design, construction, inspection, and use of the ladder?

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Experienced trial lawyers at Albert Buzzetti & Associates advocate on behalf of workers who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Our attorneys investigate claims to determine when negligence was a factor in a work site accident, and which legal remedies offer the greatest opportunities for relief for the injured worker and his family.

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