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Welding Rod Defects Can Cause Serious Harm

Do you suspect that you or your close family member has become ill as a result of exposure to faulty welding rods? You may suffer from neurological injuries, such as tremors, and other movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and manganism, after years of welding at construction sites or in industrial environments.

The industrial and construction accident attorneys of Albert Buzzetti & Associates in Englewood Cliffs and New York City have helped many injured workers and their families obtain maximum money damages after suffering injuries resulting from:

  • Defective welding rods
  • Weld tank explosions
  • Weld burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Disease from exposure to harmful fumes

Are You Beginning To Notice Symptoms Of A Medical Condition?

Cases involving welding rods injuries and diseases are complex. You may have reason to believe that your tremors, memory loss and other distressing symptoms are a direct result of your work as a welder. You know that the extreme heat and pressure that are part of the welding process exposes you to fire, electric shock, compressed gases and toxic fumes.

Therefore, you may wonder how to demonstrate that your sickness is, in fact, a welding rod injury caused by your exposure to excessive amounts of zinc, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, manganese or vanadium by way of welding rods that were perhaps faulty or used in a hazardous manner. We handle everything for you, so you can concentrate on your health and your family. Our trial attorneys have the experience and professional resources to investigate the evidence and prepare a strong, clear case for damages.

Understanding Third-Party Liability

We handle workers’ compensation claims in a timely manner to protect our clients’ rights to full benefits after a construction accident, including welding rod injuries. At the same time, we investigate to ascertain whether the manufacturer of the welding rod, an inspector, a supervisor, or any other responsible party shares liability in your injury. Did welding foremen comply with OSHA regulations regarding welding rod design, construction, inspection and use?

All casework can be conducted in English, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Croatian or Greek. We have an attorney or staff member fluent in each of these languages.

We offer the resources and experience of a large firm delivered with the personal service and attention of a small firm. When Albert Buzzetti & Associates accepts a welding rod injury case, lawyers of the firm work with investigators, doctors and experts to uncover the true cause of the accident.

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