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Aggressive Defense Against Assault Charges

An assault charge may be filed any time someone causes physical injury to another. Whether you have been charged with assault in a bar fight, on a friend’s property or in your own home, you face the possibility of time behind bars, excessive fines and mandatory counseling. In this situation, you need a strong defense lawyer on your side.

At Albert Buzzetti & Associates, our attorneys aggressively defend clients charged with assault and/or domestic violence felony and misdemeanors. We are experienced with a range of assault issues and will fight to protect your rights throughout the criminal proceeding. Our legal team defends clients throughout New York City’s five boroughs, as well as northern New Jersey.

Have you been accused of assault or domestic violence? Time is not on your side. Call Albert Buzzetti & Associates for swift defense at 201-816-3733 or 212-564-9009.

Launching An Investigation On Your Behalf

When you retain our services, we will launch an investigation into the charge. We will listen to your side of the story, as well as review the prosecution’s evidence and evaluate the alleged victim’s injuries. Our criminal defense lawyers will ensure that all evidence was properly acquired and determine whether self-defense or mistaken identity may apply in your case.

When A Significant Other Accuses You Of Domestic Violence

When an argument at home gets out of hand and your spouse or significant other calls law enforcement, a criminal case is set in motion. Even if the family member does not want to press charges, the prosecution will pursue the case. Most likely, the prosecution will file an order for protection, preventing you from entering your home or obtaining custody of your children.

Our lawyers vigorously defend individuals charged with child and spousal abuse. We understand the law, as well as criminal justice procedures. Our legal team will meet with you, give you an honest assessment of your case and build a defense strategy designed for your specific situation.

Start Building Your Defense Today

If you have been charged with assault or domestic violence, you need an attorney who has the experience, knowledge and skill to defend you. Contact us for immediate protection of your constitutional rights. We are fluent in Spanish, Korean, Italian, Greek and Croatian, as well as English.