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Representing Injured Pedestrians

Here in New York and New Jersey, pedestrians share a lot of space with cars, trucks and other vehicles. When careless or inattentive motorists fail to respect the rights of pedestrians, innocent lives can be shattered and lost. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, it is important to have a knowledgeable personal injury attorney standing up for your rights.

The personal injury lawyers at Albert Buzzetti & Associates provide skilled legal representation to people who have been injured throughout New York and northern New Jersey.

If You Were Injured In A Crosswalk

Because of the dynamics of pedestrian accidents, the resulting injuries are often severe and catastrophic. An unprotected person getting hit by a car or truck can suffer broken bones, spinal cord injuries and head injuries. Often, these accidents can be fatal.

Three common types of pedestrian accidents:

  1. Crosswalk accidents
  2. Cars backing into pedestrians in parking lots
  3. Cars hitting children who run into the street

Do Not Be Denied Compensation

If you were injured by a careless driver, his or her insurance provider will do everything it can to limit or deny the compensation you are entitled to. It may claim the accident was actually your fault — that you darted into traffic, were not paying attention or should have seen the accident coming. Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous car accident cases and are familiar with the tactics insurance companies use in pedestrian accident cases. We have the experience, skill and resources to counter their strategies and present compelling cases for you.

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