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Did A Loved One Suffer From Dehydration?

At Albert Buzzetti and Associates, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of nursing home and assisted living residents. We make sure that the rights of residents are protected by making it clear to providers of senior care that they cannot cut corners at the expense of patient safety.

Nursing home negligence claims arising from malnutrition or dehydration must be brought promptly, as quite often evidence of abuse is lost or destroyed if an investigation is not pursued promptly. That’s where a lawyer comes in.

Nursing Homes Have A Clear Responsibility

Nursing homes are responsible for making sure that nursing home residents receive proper nutrition and do not suffer from dehydration. One sign of improper nutrition and dehydration is weight loss. Dehydration and malnutrition may cause a patient’s vital organs to shut down and place the patient at greater risk for fractures as a result of slips and falls, dementia, and other serious conditions.

When a resident is not eating properly, it is the nursing home’s duty to intervene and work to seek solutions that are designed to promote better nutrition and safety for a nursing home resident. Frequently, if a resident does not eat what is served at a nursing home or assisted living facility, the staff fails to address the needs of the patient until the patient’s health has dramatically declined and they are at great risk of suffering serious bodily injury or death.

The lack of proper nutrition and dehydration are major causes of death and serious illness and easily capable of being prevented by proper care at a nursing home and/or assisted living facility.

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