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Wandering And Elopement Is Not Safe

At Albert Buzzetti and Associates, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of nursing home and assisted living residents in New York and New Jersey. We make sure that the rights of residents are protected by making it clear to providers of senior care that they cannot cut corners at the expense of patient safety.

The failure of staff to prevent wandering or elopement very often results in residents sustaining serious bodily injuries. Claims must be brought promptly as quite often evidence of negligence is lost or destroyed if an investigation is not pursued promptly.

When An Elder Wanders Off, Serious Injuries Can Occur

If all appropriate safety precautions are not taken by the staff at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s may wander off from designated areas that are safe, to areas that pose grave risk or injury to the residents whose mobility and senses are already diminished.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are responsible for adopting and enforcing safety measures to protect residents from hidden dangers due to the fact that residents are entrusted to their care for the very reason that residents are not capable of protecting themselves.

Frequently, slip-and-falls and other accidents causing severe bodily injury, including but not limited to fractures, occur as a result of improper supervision of residents, resulting in wandering and elopement.

We Can Handle Any Type Of Case

Our attorneys handle all personal injury and wrongful death cases relating to nursing home neglect, including:

  • Wandering off
  • Fall injuries
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Sex abuse by residents or staff
  • Pressure wounds and bedsores

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